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The Krishna District Lorry Owners' Foundation is Not for Profit Organisation established in the year 2015. It is registered with Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Government of Andhra Pradesh with Regn.No.1/2015 and formed with the assistance of Krishna District Lorry Owners Association and the Krishna District Lorry Owners' Mutually Aided Cooperative Stores Limited. It is located at Door Number 29-36-40 Museum Road, Governorpet, Vijayawada-520002, NTR  District, Andhra Pradesh,which is owned by the Krishna District Lorry Owners' Mutually Aided Cooperative Stores Limited.
Aims and Objective of the Foundation are as follows:

  • To help those persons who are financially backward & their family members irrespective of their Religion, Caste or Creed.
  • To help Lorry Owners community who are affected by risk in the business, health problems, handicapped due to accidents or their children.
  • To assist the organisations which are involved in development of Telugu language, Educational Institutions which are having the virtue of helping, Libraries & Research institutes.
  • To assist hospitals which are giving free treatment and  organisations which are protecting the old books. We assist in the development, expansion, establishment and running the above organisations/ Institutions.
  • To help the organisations which are involved in safeguarding the Environment.
  • To help the institutions which are protecting fine culture inherited by us.
  • To honour those who are reflecting Indian culture, practicing fine arts, traditional and modern literature, Science and Technology, who are good at sports and those who are participating in social service activities.
  • To sanction scholarships and also assist financially eligible and meritorious students.
  • To sponsor the literary, Fine Arts, science and humanitarian activities which help the public and the students.
  • To provide financial assistance for the skilled personnel in cultural, drama, music and games activities.
  • To take up service activities during natural calamities like floods, earthquake, fire accidents etc..
  • To take up necessary activities whenever the situation demands like Pandemics etc..


We appeal to all the Lorry Owners and General Public to support us in helping the Poor and the Needy in the Society. Our foundation is registered to receive funds from Corporate Companies. We  also appeal to all the Corporate Companies to donate for any of the services being offered by the foundation. We are also ready to do any other specific service basing on the size of the fund and the interest of the Company. Any donation given to the Foundation is exempted from Income Tax under section 80G. Foundation is also registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs to receive CSR funds from companies in the country. We earnestly appeal to you to join the foundation in any of the categories mentioned below:
Categories of Memberships :



Membership Category

Amount to be Donated for Working  Capital

Time period as per Byelaws


Maharaja Poshakulu

Rs. 5,00,000/-
These persons are members in Administrative body forever

Their heirs /nominees will continue to be MAHARAJA POSHAKULU till the Foundation exists without any further payment


Raja Poshakulu

These persons are Special Guests in Administrative body

Their heirs/ nominees will continue to be RAJA POSHAKULU without any further payment


Chief Donor


Nominee right and change in inheritance is free for the first year and for next change of name, Rs.10,000/- is to be paid.


Daatha/ Donor


Nominee/Heir is entitled to transfer the membership only once


Activities: Scholarships, Pensions or any assistances are being distributed to the candidates recommended by the Foundation Members.

  • Maharaja Poshakulu can recommend for 4 Candidates
  • Raja Poshakulu can recommend 3 candidates
  • MukhyaDatalu/Chief Donors can Recommend 2 Candidates
  • Daathalu can recommend 1 candidate

Scholarships will be given to the candidates every year as decided by the Administrative body and based on the availability of Funds.